04 July, 2012

May-day Hike

The first of May is a national holiday in Germany. It is tradition to go for a hike on the first of May, a.k.a. eine Erster-Mai-Wanderung. This year the weather was perfect for a long hike: temperature in the lower 70s, sunny, and not too windy. I went on a hike with some folks from church. We drove about 15 minutes out of town to a spring called Breitenbachquelle. There, we grilled some bratwurst and then set out on a long hike around the countryside. At the half-way point we stopped at a beer garden for some refreshment of the liquid bread type and then returned to where we started and grilled the last of the bratwurst. All told, I think the hike was about 11 kilometers long. Here are the pictures I took along the way:

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