28 March, 2010

Life as a non-intern

In other news, I have continued to be involved in activities at the Baptist church in Reutlingen and a couple of choirs in town.

Most notably, last week I participated in the youth group's (high school age) Kollektivewoche. That means they ate and slept at the church whenever they weren't at school. In the evenings after dinner there was some worship time and then a discussion on a specific topic. I didn't stay over-night because I needed my beauty sleep, but I hung out over there most every evening. They've got a really great bunch of kids. It was really fun getting to know them a little better. I know them well enough now that they laugh at my American accent, but in return they try to teach me Schwäbisch, so it's all good. Oh, yeah at the beginning of the week the youth club led the Sunday morning worship service. The theme was New vs. Alt based on Col. 3:1-17, for which it just happens that I have a great testimony about my experiences from working in North Lawndale two summers ago. So I gave a testimony in English and Martin, the pastor, read a translation in German. Twas truly a blessing to be able to share my experiences with them.

At the beginning of March I started giving drumset lessons to my worship team's leader. She's been a great student so far, and she can speak English fluently, so that makes things easy.

I'm still singing with the Reutlinger Liederkranz. In case you were interested, Kranz is a word for circle or wreath, so a Liederkranz is a song circle or more like a garland of songs. Yesterday the men's choir of the Liederkranz sang at a 50th wedding anniversary church service. That was lots of fun. We all got bottles of Sekt as gifts. I have also been singing with a youth choir from one of the Evangelical churches in Reutlingen. I'll just say it's a completely different atmosphere in rehearsals with the youth choir compared to with the adults.

I found out that I passed the one Engineering course I took last semester in German with a 1.9 which is somewhere between an A and a B! Now I just have to see if Valpo will except it as transfer credit.

My roommate, Mark, is currently on spring break for two weeks. His girlfriend flew over and they went to Italy together. I'm so jealous. It's still between Winter and Spring here, but Italy is probably gorgeous.

Thanks for reading. I'll try to post again after the trade show (April 12-16), but I'm not making any promises ;)

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Erin Leigh Dillon said...

1.9 - me too! hurray for doing so well! we rock :-D