29 January, 2010

A Quick Update

This is just a short post to update all of you, my lovely readers, on my progress on finding an internship here in Reutlingen. Well, to put it shortly, I've done it. I received a draft of a contract from WAFIOS AG yesterday which I plan on signing on my first day of work this Monday.

To begin with I'll be working in the Sales Media department preparing technical documents. WAFIOS participates in a large wire-industry trade show in April for which they'll need documentation on all of their new machines and updates on their old ones.

After the trade show in April I will rotate around the other departments for a few weeks and then finish in the Technical Office where they work on new designs.

For more information about WAFIOS AG, see their website http://www.wafios.de/.

Wish me luck!


you-wee because said...

...dann will ich mal hoffen, dass du in Reutlingen auch wirklich Deutsch lernst und nicht nur Schwäbisch...

Aber du hast dich ja, wie ich sehen konnte, inzwischen auch bei http://www.dict.cc angemeldet, hier findest du sicherlich die ein oder andere √úbersetzung, die dir weiterhilft!

Regards from blogger to blogger respectively from dict.cc user to dict.cc user,

Uwe alias postcard.

ana said...
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