04 October, 2009


So, this Wednesday Ryan and I decided to try our hand at making a popular local (Schwäbische) dish called Käsespätzle. It's basically a kind of baked macaroni and cheese with a little German flair. We had a lot of help from one of our German colleagues, Michael. Here follows the recipe/directions with picutres:

Zutaten (ingredients):
1 500g bag of dried Spätzle noodles (or make your own)
1 220g block of mozzarella cheese (we used some kind that was swimming in juice)
1 1/2 bags of grated white cheese (swiss maybe? or colby jack?)
2 white onions
1 Tablespoon vegetable bullion

Cut onions into thin strips. Boil noodles, sautee onions until lightly browned, mix vegetable bullion with 1/2 cup warm water, cube mozarella.


Drain noodles. Make three layers each of noodles, onions, cheese in a deep casserole dish.

Before the last layer of cheese, pour the vegetable bullion mix over the noodles. There should be a lot of cheese on the top layer. I mean really cover it with cheese. Bake for ~30 minutes at 200°C (~425°F) or until cheese turns golden brown on top.

Serve this baby hot. If you want you can thrown on some really carmelized onions for garnish. This would be great with a pork chop or steak! For more pictures check out this album.

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