26 August, 2009

Packed and mostly ready

Well, there's not much to say about my study-abroad experience yet because I haven't actually left the country. I will say that it was a little tricky trying to pack everything I think I'll need for the entire next year in two bags and a carry-on and staying within the weight limit. Thanks to Pastor Scott for loaning me a large hiking backpack in which I crammed as much clothes as I could. I'm really hoping I don't get slapped with over-weight baggage fees. My duffel bag is really close to the limit.
The international studies office recommended that we bring some little items we can give as gifts to host families or Professors. So, Mom and I stopped at Curtis Orchard in Champaign and got some popcorn-on-the-cob which was grown right here in Illinois. I thought that would be a fun and unique gift that I can give people I meet along the way.
I will do my best to update this blog at least monthly. Here's a link to a full description of the program I am participating in, just in case you're interested. Check back here for periodic updates on my experiences or just subscribe or whatever and you'll get an email when I post something.


Debra said...

Man,I hope you blog more than once a month! I'm already anxiously awaiting the next one!

Unknown said...

Eh, we'll see.